Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

6 Ways To Succeed During Alcohol Rehabilitation

by Stephanie Barnes

If you have recently begun an alcohol addiction program or have just begun to check it out, you're on the right road to fighting the battle ahead. There will be many challenges to meet along the way, but with the right mindset and know-how, you can overcome your addition. To help you along the way, keep the following pointers in mind for your alcohol recovery and rehab:

1. Remove the Temptation

This is one of the most important aspects of alcohol recovery. Attending rehab in itself is not enough to succeed. If temptation is all around you, the challenge may become insurmountable. The first step is removing the temptation from your home environment. This means keeping your home free of alcohol in any form.

Also, don't allow your family or friends to bring alcoholic beverages to your home. Equally important, remove yourself from the temptation by not attending parties where alcohol is being served. Stay clear of clubs and bars, unless you feel confident in ordering a soft drink instead. Friends need to be supportive by not drinking in your presence.

2. Lean on Your Support

A strong support system is imperative to helping you win the battle against your addiction. Seek out drug and alcohol support programs and groups. It helps to share your experiences, fears, and triumphs with other like-minded individuals in the same position. Choose to be with friends and family who offer you the support you need. Now is not the time to live a solitary life.

3. Be Prepared to Meet the Challenge

Many individuals who are weaning themselves from alcohol addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are often not only in a physical sense, but psychologically as well. It won't always be an easy road, so prepare yourself beforehand with realistic expectations.

4. Stay Focused and Positive

Don't allow yourself to fall into a trap where desperation and despair take over. Although there may be days when you feel depressed or even hopeless, try to stay focused on your priorities and goals. Stay positive, and don't let your mind wander toward the possibility of falling off the wagon. Positive thinking and reinforcement can help you succeed.

5. Reward Yourself

When you find yourself passing a milestone or triumphing over a struggle, don't feel guilty about rewarding yourself. Buy yourself a small reward or treat yourself to a day at the spa or sporting event. Splurge and pamper yourself. Tell yourself you are special and you deserve it.

6. Find an Alternative to Alcohol

As you struggle to overcome your alcohol problem, you may find you need something to fill the void. This is a natural reaction. Try to discover something positive as an alternative to the negative. Divulge in a new hobby or take up a sport. Pursue that lifelong dream of achieving higher education or a degree. Volunteer your services to the needy. Anything to make you feel engaged and worthwhile will boost your self confidence and give you the incentive to become the best you can be. 


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Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

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