Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

3 Ways For Companies To Manage Disruptive Changes

by Stephanie Barnes

Running a successful business will always come with its fair share of challenges. One thing that all businesses need to be prepared for is disruptive changes. A disruptive change is a major shift in a portion of an industry that can lead to having to make very important decisions. Companies that are not prepared to deal with disruptive change within their industry often make poor choices that can translate into a loss of market share or revenue or, in worst-case scenarios, bankruptcy. If you own a company or hold a position in upper management, use the following tips to help your company deal with managing disruptive change:

Stay on Top of What is Happening

One of the biggest mistakes that a company can make is ignoring disruptive changes. If a company wants to be able to manage disruptive changes, it is very important to stay on top of what is going on within your industry so you can properly identify factors that may lead to widespread disruptive changes. Understanding the forces of change will make it easier for a company to evaluate their current business model in order to determine what is working and what may need to be altered in order to ensure that disruptive changes do not cause major problems that your company can't recover from.

Be Ready to Lead

When you own a company or hold an upper-level management position in an organization, good leadership is essential when there are disruptive changes on the horizon. Human beings often have a hard time with change, and employees of a company can experience a lot of uncertainty and fear when their employment and livelihood are at risk. It is always in your best interest to do your best to lead the company while also taking your employees thoughts and feelings into account. Good leadership can help prevent a huge drop in company morale and productiveness.

Be Willing to Learn from Past Experiences

One of the ways that companies can manage disruptive change is by learning from the mistakes that past companies have made. There have been many large companies that have folded because they were not prepared for disruptive change and did not react appropriately when disruptive changes happened in their industry. Studying the mistakes that other companies have made can create a blueprint that will help your company avoid similar mistakes so you can evolve and continue to grow. 


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Using Positive Affirmations For Wellness

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